Le Clos Macé is labeled “Accueil Velo” andLoire By Bike.

“Accueil Velo” is a national accreditation scheme guaranteeing a high quality of welcome and services for cyclists using French cycle routes.La Loire à Vélo” is one of the most beautiful cycle routes in France. Much of the itinerary crosses land that falls within the area listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Those who enjoy discovering new things will love exploring the must-sees along La Loire à Vélo.

Le Clos Macé also offers lunch boxes exclusively reserved for cyclists from € 9 per person composed of :

  • 2 sandwich sandwiches (salad, county, ham and fresh tomato)
  • a bottle of water (50cl)
  • a bag of chips
  • an apple sauce
  • A dessert (cereal bar, handmade cakes…)

Here are some examples of bike tours around our guest room (LE ROUTARD – LA LOIRE A VELO in french, of the Hachette editions):